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Terms and Conditions

  • Users may post 2 listing of a personal item on our Free 2 Month Listing Package; however, commercial Ads for businesses are not permitted for our free packages.
  • All ads must have a valid phone # , free ads only 2 can run per phone# or person at the same time period.
  • Free ads only 1 item must promote in each ad for example 1 car per ad not 2 different car in the same free ad.
  • Each Free ad will run for 2 months then it must renewed.
  • A full paid ad will run for 14, 31, 6 months or 1 year depending on the listing package purchases.
  • Minimum days for paid ad is 14 days ads can be remove before if item is sold.

Please note: Lions Deals Net is not responsible for any transaction between any third party or person selling or buying privately on our website therefore we also recommend that when doing business do it in a safe location if possible have someone with you for your safety, thank you for your support